Unfortunately, Bmag.com.au is no longer active.
We thank all of our readers for your support over the last decade.

Bmag’s parent company, , can still help you spread your message!

MCM Digital is a full service digital agency specialising in quality online lead generation tactics. MCM creates precise, powerful and highly valuable audience segments to match your ideal prospect, using the science of strategic online marketing to deliver results.

bmail is a full service direct mail and distribution company offering a wide range of printing, design, distribution and data ser vices. From customised marketing material to large volume conventional direct mail campaigns.

InkSpin is Australia’s first dedicated specialist in Wall Art (wallpaper) and Floor Art (floor signage). Capable of producing and installing your designs on any surface throughout your office or project, InkSpin makes every space come to life.

Find out how MCM Digital, bmail and InkSpin can help you find your audience