Olympian Damien Hooper has admitted spitting on a police officer following a run-in outside a nightclub in Queensland.

Olympian Damien Hooper has pleaded guilty to spitting on a police officer outside a Queensland nightclub last year.

The 22-year-old Australian boxer, who made his Olympic debut in London in 2012, appeared briefly in the dock at the District Court in Brisbane on Thursday.

Hooper was convicted of seriously assaulting a police officer following a run-in with authorities outside a Dalby nightclub, west of Brisbane, in January 2013.

Last month the Olympian also pleaded guilty to assaulting a taxi driver in December 2013.

The indigenous boxer caused a stir in 2012 for breaching Olympic protocol by wearing a T-shirt with an Aboriginal flag on it to his first fight.

He bowed out of the Games in the second round.

Hooper was due to be sentenced for the spitting incident on Thursday, but his counsel asked for an adjournment to sort out some outstanding legal issues.