At Cleveland National Seniors, a woman handed me a nude calendar 2014!

The nude calendar the lady from Cleveland National Seniors handed me turned out to be from her retirement village who had produced a nude calendar as a fundraiser for ”Look Good Feel Better.”

This fundraiser helps women manage the appearance-related side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I flicked through the hilarious and very cheeky photos and who should I find playing piano in the all-together? It was none other than the first man on Queensland television, Hugh Cornish in the nude? What a great yarn!

Don’t miss out! The nude calendars are available. Call Renaissance Retirement Living on 3820 7700.

Renaissence Retirement Village provides engaging communities, picturesque environments, premium locations, breathtaking community facilities & superior, practical living designs.

The village mission is to create a luxurious environment with everything you would ever want whilst catering to the changing needs and wants of residents by providing access to a range of optional living and care services.

Renaissance is committed to its five key pillars, which has resulted in its market-leading reputation and many awards and achievements over the years:


Engaging communities. Renaissance is passionate about ensuring that village life provides a thriving interaction of people participating in social activities, sports, and community and care projects, just to name a few. It is hard not to enjoy life in a Renaissance Village.


Picturesque environments. Renaissance residents expect nothing less than the best manicured gardens, signature landscapes and natural environments and they are not disappointed. This is supported by the many landscaping/garden awards the founders have received.


Premium locations. Proximity to shopping, dining, sporting and transport facilities are critical factors for residents’ enjoyment of life and the success of a village.


Superior, spacious and practical living designs with highest quality construction. All villas are designed with practicality and class in mind, incorporating spacious, homely designs that feature quality fixtures and fittings. Attracted are residents who will settle for nothing less than the highest possible standard offered in retirement living.


Breathtaking community facilities. The inclusion of feature community facilities surpass all expectations and are a significant contributor to the creation of engaging communities. Included in the facilities are luxurious ballrooms, large entertainment areas, bowling greens, croquet courts, workshops, billiards and crafts, indoor heated swimming pools, computer and media rooms, and hairdressing salons just to name a few. Until you inspect a Renaissance village it is hard to comprehend its quality and feel.

To learn more about Renaissence and the fundraiser visit: or visit us on facebook

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