Phoebe Lee

Phoebe Lee

Phoebe Lee is a Brisbane-based travel writer and award-winning blogger. A few years ago she created Little Grey Box, which is now one of Australia and New Zealand’s top travel blogs, with a funny and relatable edge. Her fun videos, practical travel guides and beautiful photographs are all aimed at inspiring others to live a life full of travel and adventure.

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Seven spots to cool down with a cocktail in Brisbane

From the frozen and fruity to the shaken and stirred, Brisbane is lousy with brilliant bars and talented bartenders keen to please with signature cocktails and one-off creations. Here are just a few o…

Frose cocktails


Brisbane’s best Mexican food

It’s time to stock up on tacos and tortillas. Here’s where you’ll find Brisbane’s best Mexican food! When the weather gets hot, the idea of a heavy meal doesn't seem as…



Brisbane’s best rooftop bars

Let’s be honest, the heat in Brisbane has been pretty intense of late. Rather than letting it get us down and keep us cooped up indoors, cowering in front of the air-conditioner or multi-fan system…


Brisbane Extra

10 great ways to cool down in Brisbane this summer

Brisbane is hot, hot, hot! Temperatures have been soaring and us Brisbanites have been slowly but surely melting into a puddle of rubber thongs, shorts and singlets. Rather than sitting around…

Cool down


Brisbane’s best American food

With all the hubbub about the Presidential election, it’s easy to lose sight of what really makes America great — food. Be it deep-fried, double-glazed, covered in cheese or made from meat of…



Brisbane’s best farmers’ markets

Tired of doing your shopping inside drab supermarkets, pushing a trolley up and down bland aisles? Visiting a farmers’ market is a great way to get outdoors and soak in some fresh air and…

Farmers Markets

Health & Fitness

Seven great jogging trails to explore around Brisbane

With the weather starting to warm up again, it’s slowly but surely becoming more appealing to head outdoors for a run. Not only is a run great for fitness, it's also a fantastic way to de-stress…

Kangaroo Point Cliffs


Three great staycation spots near Brisbane

There’s nothing better than getting away for a few days just to escape the buzz of everyday life and find time to rest, recharge and reconnect. A few days away can make a world of difference…

Three great staycation spots near Brisbane