You may have noticed some electronic signs around Brisbane’s suburban streets that flash a smiley face or a Slow Down message as your vehicle approaches them.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

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These signs– known as Portable speed warning signs – are designed to reduce speeding and help increase safety in suburban streets.

One year on, we have seen some great safety improvements on our streets!

One speed warning sign has been allocated to each Council ward to place in high priority locations such as pedestrian black spots, dangerous intersections, rat running routes and busy neighbourhoods.

The signs are installed for at least one month at each location to allow time to have a positive effect on motorists, before being moved to a new spot.

The signs record the speed of each motorist and display a message – either a Thank You or smiley face for motorists travelling at or below the posted speed limit and a Slow Down message for motorists travelling over the posted speed limit.

In one year, 26 signs have recorded the speed of a whopping 12.5 million motorists and provided a visual reminder to slow down to those driving over the posted speed limit.

The data is in, and shows a marked decrease in the number of motorists travelling over the speed limit when they entered the radar zones. It also shows that the signs are becoming more effective as more people become familiar with them.

The number of vehicles recorded as speeding when they entered the radar range reduced from 29 per cent when the signs were first introduced to 20 per cent in the latest round of data.

The first round of data showed 37 per cent of those drivers adjusting their speed when they were made aware of it and the latest round of data showing 42 per cent of drivers adjusting their speed.

Overall the data shows an average speed reduction of 9.4 kilometres per hour across all sites since the program began. This is a great outcome and is helping to keep all road users and pedestrians safe!

Council will continue to promote safety through driver awareness to minimise speeding around busy neighbourhood roads through initiatives like the portable speed warning signs.

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Please remember to drive safety, especially during the upcoming busy holiday period!