It is time to review the future of parking in Brisbane, writes Lord Mayor Graham Quirk.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

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Recently I announced a wide-ranging public investigation into the future of parking in Brisbane. Council’s approach to parking management has developed over many years as our city has grown and developed and we believe it is time to review the way parking is managed in our city.

Council’s review of parking is an opportunity for all Brisbane residents and businesses to have a say about the way parking is managed in our city.

On-street parking space across the city is limited and is in high demand, particularly in areas such as the CBD and in places with high residential populations. Parking availability is important to the economy of Brisbane, in particular for those small businesses which rely on their customers being able to access them via on-street parking.

As part of this review I have established a Taskforce which will include a broad range of industry bodies representing motorists, schools, businesses, retailers, transport workers and people with a disability.

I believe it is important to bring together a broad group of people to look at the whole issue of parking. There is no silver bullet for parking issues in Brisbane. This is a very complex issue with many varying demands for parking spaces.

The parking review will include:

• Investigations into parking around schools
• The chargeable hours of on-street parking meter spaces
• Enforcement policies and procedures
• Parking signs
• The residential parking permit scheme
• CBD car parking

On-street parking in our city will always be a limited resource but how we manage this and facilitate ease of use for residents in a fair and equitable way is important.

I want to ensure that parking regulations encourage turnover for businesses and also provide safety in our suburbs, especially around schools. Where there are improvements that can be made we want to hear those suggestions.

In the last year alone, the number of people requesting better enforcement of the regulations around parking increased by 25 per cent.

Residents can have their say about parking by making a submission to the Taskforce either via email to, or by post to GPO Box 1434, Brisbane Qld 4001. Submissions don’t need to be long or adhere to any particular format. I have asked the Taskforce to report back to Council with its findings later this year.

More information about the Taskforce is available on Council’s website.