Despite flood recovery efforts, three years on, I know some Brisbane residents are still experiencing emotional and financial hardship caused by the 2011 flood.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

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I can’t guarantee Brisbane will never flood again, but I can confidently say this Council is doing everything within its power to reduce the potential impacts of any future flood events.

That’s why I have committed to installing back-flow prevention devices in key locations across the city, and I’m fast-tracking the three-year installation program into 12 months, as part of the flood recovery.

Back-flow devices are attached to the end of stormwater systems, or in large chambers, built over pipes upstream from the outlet and allow water to exit the pipes but not re-enter. This stops river water from flowing back into the stormwater drainage network and out onto local streets and will as a result reduce back-flow flooding in the area.

Most recently, back-flow installation works have gotten underway in five new Brisbane locations: New Farm (Sydney St), Fig Tree Pocket (Kenny St), Chelmer (Nadine St) and Milton (Castlemaine St) along with a joint Council and Queensland government back-flow project beginning at Milton Drain that will benefit Milton and Rosalie residents.

By the end of this financial year Council will have installed 41 back-flow devices in different locations across the city, benefiting about 1,500 properties. This will mean the risk of back-flow flooding will be reduced for approximately 80 per cent of properties affected by back-flow flooding in 2011.

I sincerely thank all the men and women who have worked tirelessly for the residents of Brisbane over the past three years to ensure our city is back on track and better prepared than ever for any potential natural disasters.