Recently, I was pleased to announce 26 portable solar powered speed warning signs will be installed across Brisbane in the coming weeks.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

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The solar powered signs use an internal radar to measure vehicle speeds up to 200 metres away and take just half a second to flash up the warning, giving motorists plenty of time to react.

The signs flash up how fast speeding motorists are travelling and tell them to “Slow Down”.

Whereas motorists travelling the speed limit will see a smiley face flash up!

The signs can be attached to existing infrastructure or installed using specific footings which will allow for the signs to be easily returned to that specific location in the future.

We’ve identified a number of priority locations where the signs are needed most, including known pedestrian black spots, dangerous intersections, rat running routes and busy neighbourhoods.

These sign locations were determined by the local Councillor for each ward, and in consideration of a number of factors including speeding hotspots, accident history and the presence of nearby schools, parks and child care facilities.

These signs are part of the bigger picture and will not only support the efforts of the Queensland Police, but also the millions of dollars Council is spending making our roads safer.

Things like more road resurfacing, traffic calming and innovative initiatives such as pedestrian countdown timers.

This financial year Council will invest more than $99 million to upgrade, maintain and improve the city’s road network, with projects to focus on reducing congestion, completing new corridor studies and intersection safety improvements.

Council has invested $520,000 in the first round of the initiative to enable a total of 26 electronic signs to be positioned across the city.

It’s about making our streets safer (where they need it most) – something that I think everyone would agree is worth investing in!