There’s no question of how important the digital realm is for all businesses.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

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Our city is already well-advanced in its digital thinking. Brisbane was one of the first cities in the world to appoint a Chief Digital Officer to help drive economic development. We have also been recognised as a leading city in using online media to communicate with residents in a crisis – for example, during the 2011 floods we used social media to relay important weather updates to residents.

Digital technology and devices are transforming our lives. They influence the way we shop, bank, the services we seek and our social lives. We demand real-time, customised responses to our every need.

That’s why Brisbane is moving boldly and rapidly into this new age; that’s why we launched a Digital Strategy last year and continue to work on it.

Our Digital Strategy targets include: doubling the number of Brisbane firms selling products and services online within five years, a 35 percent improvement in productivity growth through digital technology within five years, and providing support for 250 promising local digital start-up companies.

The strategy outlines projects and initiatives designed to provide Brisbane businesses with state-of the-art digital information and improve the experience of residents and visitors through digital technology.

Some of the Digital Strategy initiatives include: a dedicated website, where businesses can find a self-assessment tool to get a clear indication of where they are at and what they need to do to become more digital, ready access to wi-fi across the city, including a map which shows residents and visitors where they can access wi-fi at 200 places, including cafes, restaurants and hotels, and a Budding Entrepreneurs Program, which awards funding to some of Brisbane’s brightest young minds who are using digital technologies to solve problems or make life easier.

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