Welcome to the final instalment of the New Year New You body shape series.

new you

For the past couple of week’s I’ve been running through each of the five most common women’s body shapes and sharing some tips on how to make the most of each.

Having covered off four of the five - pear, hourglass, apple and column, today I’m taking a look at the inverted triangle.

Inverted triangle

- broad shoulders

- small bust and a straight waist

- slim hips

- long, slim legs

inverted triangle

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The inverted triangle shapes are very athletic looking, with swimmer’s shoulders and fantastic long legs. Sportswear is an easy buy for you but, when you want to dress up and feel feminine, there are a few things to consider.

There are a couple of common variations on this shape, if we look at the Trinny & Susannah system, which are the goblet (a bigger busted version) and the lollypop, who is basically very straight up and down but has a large bust. Inverted triangle encompasses the idea of any woman who is top-heavy, for want of a better term, and wants to balance their proportions to appear more of an hourglass, the ideal, well-balanced body shape.

To do this, we need to visually reduce the width of your shoulders and balance the lower body proportions with your broader upper half.

Deep necklines are the first step as they draw the eye vertically and counteract the horizontal line of your shoulders. A deep v-neck will also show some décolletage and break up your chest into three panels of fabric, skin, fabric, another great way to minimise a broader/larger bust.

Inverted triangle shapes often have great bone structure in their face also, so angular cuts suit you very well.

To create shape on your straight hips, choose a slightly flared hemline. A knee-length, bias cut skirt is a perfect choice. Fit-and-flare style skirts are a winner for you, they’ll show the shape of your lovely slender hips but add bounce and volume at the bottom to give the illusion of some curves. Even better news is these will be everywhere come winter, when 1940s-style fashion comes to the fore once again.

When choosing jeans, a great pair of skinnies will show off your fantastic legs, and with your long legs, they will likely fall just to the ankle, which is fine for skinny jeans as you don’t want them any longer anyhow. Skinnies should be cuffed to the ankle for any shape, then you have the option to wear them with flats or heels and they won’t catch on your shoes as you walk.

If you haven’t found your shape during this series of blogs, or you have any questions, please email me at fashion@bmag.com.au