New Year New You – No woman I’ve ever met wants to be described as ‘boyish’.

new you

That’s what column shapes often get though – their lack of curves leaves them open to comparison to the opposite sex, and nobody wants that.

In this, my new year new you body shape series, I’m aiming to share my best tips on how to make the best of your shape – all the tricks we stylists use to make our clients look taller, slimmer, and feel more confident in what they wear. Having covered the pear, hourglass and apple shapes already, today I’m moving on to the column, which is actually a beautifully athletic shape, but if you want to look more feminine, here’s how to do it.

Column shape

- shoulders and hips are the same width

- slight but long waist – not a lot of definition in curves

- long legs

column shape


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Basically column shapes are quite straight up and down; normally slim, but not necessarily so.

Column shapes quite often find it difficult to find clothes that fit because everything is too short in the waist – tops aren’t long enough, dresses hang strangely – it can be frustrating. The key is to add shape where there is a lack of it. Defining your waist is very important, and to do this you need to either wear form-fitting tops (this doesn’t mean clingy, just not shapeless), or find dresses that are cut longer in the waist.

Jackets with angular collars are a great option as they create line and point to your waist, helping create shape. A shirt, jacket or dress with flared sleeves in a soft fabric will also help create a sense of flow and femininity. When choosing hemlines, be it skirts or pants, opt for softer and flowing (a flared skirt or wider pant leg) rather than skinny as well. It’s tempting to be drawn to pencil skirts because you have the figure to pull off something as figure-hugging, but when you want to dress up and look womanly, flared hems give you that sense of fabulous shape.

Long necklaces are a great accessory for column shapes as they focus attention on the centre of your body and your neat waist.

Play with bold colour and pattern – your tall frame can carry it off beautifully.