New Year New You – It’s time for the latest instalment in this week’s body shape series, designed to help you kick start the new year with a renewed perspective on how to look and feel great.

new you

The New Year New You series has covered the pear and hourglass; today I’m all about the apple girls.

Apple shape

Apples are categorised by:

- a tummy bigger than your bust or hips

- average bust

- flat bottom

- slim legs and arms


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Put simply, apple is when you carry your weight in your tummy. Many women though mistake themselves for apple shape if they just have some baby belly to shake off, or have put on some weight in their stomach but still have more defining features such as a bigger bust and hips.

It’s very easy for the apple to appear shapeless because, with a tummy to cover, they will normally try to hide in their clothes. This is such a shame because, with a few tricks, the apple can look slimmer and more shapely too.

The key for the apple is to add shape around your narrowest point which is high on your waist, up under your bust. By finding things that nip in here then drape softly on your tummy, you’re defining your figure without feeling as though things are too clingy, a much better solution than wearing shapeless sacks that will only add bulk to your frame.

To deal with the difference between your waist and hip measurements, always buy flat-fronted skirts and pants to avoid puffiness across that area, and choose things that flair out, whether it’s a wide-legged pant or full skirt. Slim skirts and pants will only emphasise your larger upper body. Having said that, if you wear a skinny jean you can still wear a longer-line top or tunic over the top, just make sure it comes down at least to the top of your hips.

A long cardigan or coat is a great investment for the cooler months as it will break your body in to three long, slim panels. Any body shape can benefit from this kind of magic but for the apple, breaking up your silhouette with pattern and colour is a clever way to look slimmer.

Ruching over the stomach is another great trick – find pieces that are cut to allow for extra room around the waist, but still highlight some shape. Diana Ferrari is very good at this, reliably creating tops and dresses with tummy-friendly cuts each season.

apple pieces

Perfect pieces for apple shapes (click image to enlarge).