New Year New You – Earlier this week I kicked off a series of blogs to discuss dressing for your shape.

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New Year New You -

It’s the most flattering thing you can do – wear clothes that accentuate your best features and gloss over the rest. We’ve looked at pear shapes, and now it’s on to the hourglass.

Hourglass figures are enviable for a lot of reasons but mainly because really all you have to do is dress in a way to show your figure off. Here’s why:

Hourglass shape

Hourglass are categorised by:

- big bust

- small waist

- short waist

- round, curvy hips

- great legs



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Some hourglass ladies I’ve styled have lamented their bust, their short waists and their hips but really, it’s the most well-proportioned of all body shapes (meaning your hips and shoulders are in line and you nip in to a small waist, adding up to Monroe-esque curves. The key, as with any body shape, is to define your waist at its narrowest point. This is higher than shapes like the pear and column, and the distance between your bust and hips is shorter than a lot (short waist) so ideally you’ll find tops and dresses that nip you in just at that point below the empire line a bit down from under the bust. This can feel higher for a lot of women who are used to wearing belts around their hips, but unless you’re very straight in the waist and hips, that’s the worst place for your belt/waistband to go.

Other keys for hourglass shapes are to wear lower necklines. Opening up your neckline and showing some décolletage (not cleavage necessarily, although there’s nothing wrong with that except for in professional or conservative environments). By showing some skin to break up the expanse of fabric you’re dividing your chest in to three panels rather than one large expanse, minimising your bust.

Lastly, wear skirts and pants that hug your curves. This doesn’t necessarily mean wearing skin tight things all the time, just don’t tent yourself in fabric you don’t need – it adds bulk and makes you look bigger than you are.

Curvy girls suit curvy accessories so opt for round-toe heels, hoop earrings and hints of 1950s retro styling.



Figure-hugging styles are perfect for hourglass figures (click image to enlarge).