There are countless ways to show your generosity by giving at Christmas.


Image: Nico Underwear

Gifts for loved ones are just the start, and anyone who regularly donates to charity each year (it can be as simple as an inexpensive gift under the KMart wishing tree or setting up an ongoing direct deposit to the charity of your choice), will know the reward even small acts of selflessness and generosity can bring.

Brisbane-based underwear brand Nico is donating $2 from every sale before Christmas to Save the Children’s Syrian Crisis Appeal to aid the 3.1 children in refugee camps across war torn Syria with medical care, food and shelter.

Nico has an outlook of global responsibility and is a local trailblazer in the area of sustainable fashion. All of their underwear and tees are made in Australia under ethical conditions and they were the first Australian underwear brand to receive accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia. To produce locally and ethically at an affordable price to the consumer is no mean feat and Nico director Lis Harvey’s brand is going from strength to strength while not compromising on her ethical principals.

Now while I’m on the topic, another Christmas-relevant charity I stumbled upon recently is Givit, an organisation that makes it easy to donate directly in accordance to the needs of your chosen cause. Physical donations of Christmas gifts, food, toiletries, clothes and bedding can be selected from a list of needs and you can see exactly where your donation will go and who it will help, from at risk youth to refugee women and single parents.