Fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess has her first solo exhibition opened at Red Sea Gallery this weekend.

Kerrie Hess 3A Kerrie Hess illustration

There’s such buzz around this beautiful artist’s work but the most frequent comment I’ve heard in conversation about the show is ‘isn’t it great Kerrie Hess is deciding to live in Brisbane’.

Hess’ work has graced billboards in Paris, magazine covers (Harper’s Bazaar in fact), retail spaces in Myer, luxury Melbourne hotel The Langham, the list goes on. She has lived in London, Hong Kong and Melbourne, but thanks to the possibility of global reach from her sketch pad to fashion houses the world over, it’s Brisbane Hess has settled in with her husband and son and I’m sure our city will be more than happy to re-welcome such a talent.

Fashion illustration has a long history but has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts the past few years, with names such as Kerrie Hess, sister Megan and David Downton adding to the weight of work that sees artful depictions of timeless fashion grace the covers of our fashion bibles – space once reserved for the most coveted models, now more commonly occupied by celebrities. Fashion illustration is still a lessor known art form – artists see it as commercial, fashion magazines see it as second to photography. But in a flurry of seemingly simplistic brushstrokes, sparingly applied black lines and hints at colour, fashion illustration captures what no other medium can – allowing your mind to fill in the blanks and get swept up in possibilities.

The Red Sea Gallery exhibition features 8 original Kerrie Hess artworks including work for Vogue, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Harper’s Bazaar as well as 7 works created especially for the launch. Visit