Of all the styling questions I’m asked, accessories are definitely a hot topic.

Accessories – “I buy them but I never wear them.”

“I don’t know what works with what and how to wear them.”

“I just don’t know where to start.”

Sometimes ladies just suit the minimalistic – those with a classic style who wear clean lines, timeless pieces, minimal fuss. There’s nothing to say you have to load yourself up with accessories in order to feel ‘done’.

I personally love accessories, I love their impact on a look, their ability to transform what you’re wearing from day to night, from ‘this old thing’ to something new and exciting, even from season to season.

If you’re someone who doesn’t wear accessories but wants to experiment with some new ideas, there are a few tips I can share.

Firstly, when you’re choosing what to add to your outfit it’s important to just be drawn to what you love. The rules around styles, lengths, etc are few (I’ll share these in a moment) so my primary piece of advice is just go for something that you’ll love wearing.

In terms of putting the full look together, I sometimes liken accessorising to interior design. If you have a knack for putting a room together, the same principals can apply to adding accessories to an outfit. Bear with me here.
An outdoor room has cane chairs, ferns, timber and accents of bright coloured table cloths and accessories is a tropical scene that can be easily related to fashion: If your summer outfit is a tribal or tropical print maxi dress, be inspired by the theme and add accessories to suit – from wooden beads to an animal print scarf or wedge heels with a woven straw heel. Creating a theme around your outfit is the easiest way to gain inspiration for accessories to add.

Coming into Christmas and new year party season, sparkling jewellery will be in hot demand. Crystals, metallic beads and all things shimmering and shiny are always appropriate for these occasions. I was recently chatting to Mekoe Accessories’ Kathleen Tennent about just this topic and she shared with me some of her picks for the season:


Mekoe Accessories bracelet $60 and necklace $60








Mekoe Accessories bracelet $145

If you’re buying jewellery first before the outfit, the first thought with statement pieces such as these is often to fall back on basic black. If you want to make things a little more interesting though, gold jewellery offsets jewel tones (magenta, emerald, sapphire blue) beautifully, while the grey-based cuff below would look stunning with a similarly-toned slate grey dress, or with any of the muted hues of lavender, white, or pale pink.

Finally, there are a couple of body shape considerations to take into account when you’re choosing accessories:

* Bigger busted women should wear longer, finer necklaces that fall to chest length to create a vertical line to minimise the bust, while those with a smaller bust can get away with adding bulk to their upper body with a short, collar-length chunky neckpiece

* If you’re deciding whether to wear big earrings, a big necklace, or both, do what you feel comfortable with. Some people can carry off a lot of bold accessories, others will look overdone

* Curvy girls (hourglass and apple shapes) suit round-shaped accessories, while those with broad-shouldered athletic figures (inverted triangle) or very straight up and down shapes (column) will look better in angular shapes

* Remember wherever you add something sparkly and attention-grabbing, that’s where the eye will be drawn. If you’re conscious of your arms, don’t wear anything too stand-out on your wrists, whereas if your best features are your lovely narrow shoulders and great décolletage, wear something beautiful around your neck

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