I’m no stranger to the occasional facial or massage, but unfortunately pampering is not something I make time for on a regular basis.

Brooklyn Beauty Bar

I remember in the lead up to my wedding in April this year I was determined to look and feel my absolute best (as most brides will relate to) so the preceding fortnight was spent indulging in pampering, being plucked and primped to perfection and it left me feeling like a new woman. Along with the rest of the very important vows on the big day I vowed to myself to keep up a few of the extra beauty treatments here and there and indulge now and then. Because why shouldn’t we feel that fantastic all the time?

In among a busy schedule I’m still working on that, but these are the things I think make a noticeable difference and I can completely recommend:

Fresh cut and colour

This is a fairly basic standard for most of us but I know myself when I’ve left it a little too long between hair appointments those in-between weeks when my roots are growing out (apparently I’m the only one who notices this but I always think it’s really obvious) and the cut’s starting to look a bit tired, well it just brings you down. There’s nothing like fresh colour to pep you up is there?

A facial/massage combo

There’s nothing more indulgent I think than an afternoon in your favourite beauty salon getting pampered. It’s just the time of year when we’re all a little run down and worn out so I’m taking myself off for a massage and facial next week. Vouchers for spa treatments make great Christmas gifts, too.

Great brows 

I’ve become fairly adept at keeping my brows in check and always use a good brow powder to shape and fill them in each day, but if you don’t have a good brow expert in your contacts list, find one stat. Well kept brows make you look and feel great.

Lash extensions

I’m still to find lash extensions I feel completely comfortable in (they can be a bit irritating) but I have other friends who swear by them, and I do love the look. These come with a warning though – once you have amazingly thick and long looking lashes it’s hard to go back…


I can spend a crazy amount of time doing my own nails on the couch at home but there’s nothing like a professional manicure. I often go for shellac if I know I’ve got a few big events coming up within a few days or a busy week I know I won’t have time to worry about doing my nails regularly for. Brooklyn Beauty Bar (pictured) in James St (who coincidentally did a great job on my nails for my wedding) have made the process even more pamper-like recently with the addition of a licenced bar to their salon. A margarita with your manicure? Why not!