My friends and I joke about the time waster that is Pinterest – getting lost for an unpredictable amount of minutes… hours… caught up in a never ending stream of images of beauty and inspiration.



If you’re not already familiar, treat yourself. Jump on the website or download the iPhone App and lose yourself in beautiful images for hours. I’ve heard so many people using the for different things – wedding planning (I can vouch it was great for that), fashion of course, even travel, cooking and all fields of design. A teacher friend told me it’s great for new ideas for school projects and teaching aids.


A favourite of stylists and fashion bloggers, Polyvore is the place to mine information on new trends and how different people interpret them. Create your own outfit mood boards to share or provide your own style inspiration, post them to Pinterest or your own blog.

My favourite aspect of this site is the searchable product database. Looking for the perfect nude pump with a block heel? Type in your most specific fashion request and be presented with options available online in Australia and internationally for purchase immediately. What can be better than that?


Rather than single out any one fashion, interiors or lifestyle blog I’m more inclined to recommend jumping on and registering for a suite of feeds from your favourite blogs through Bloglovin. Daily emails collate any new posts from your selections and let you browse what you’d like to look further into, all in one place. A time saver and great research tool to explore blogs across your chosen field of interest, fashion or otherwise.