Makeup artist Greta Wolff believes in the power of good brows – a lady after my own heart.

Great Wolfe

For me, brows are important, in framing the face and defining your features. It’s amazing how many compliments and I get on mine (Juanita at Fabulous Everything, Nundah is my go-to-gal for these by the way), but I do have a brow secret – I actually fill them in quite a bit with brow powder as they’re starting to thin out a little.

Greta works with brow powder for her clients also and here’s her tips for great application:

  • To enhance your brows and achieve a full natural looking brow, try using an angled liner brush or eye brow brush with a brow powder. Following the natural shape of the brow, fill in any sparse areas by using light brush strokes in the direction that the hair grows. Begin with a light application through the brows as you can build the colour by re-applying. If you accidentally apply too much colour, simply brush backwards (opposite way that the hairs grow) this should help to lift some of the colour back out.  Set brows with a brow gel.

Best Brow Products & Brushes: 

-       M.A.C. 208 angled brow brush or NARS brow shader
-        Bobbi Brown Brow Kit

Top Tip: Most angled brow brushes will do the trick and a matte brown/taupe eye shadow is usually good for filling in the brows depending on the brow colour.

I also thought I’d ask some tips on natural makeup for summer. It’s that time of year when we want our makeup to be light, but still look ‘done’.

Greta favours bronzers for contouring. Many might still think of bronzers to add some sun-kissed glow to your face, and they’re great for that too, but they’re also really useful for contouring your face, meaning creating a shadow under your cheek bones to help them stand out and give you an enviable bone strucure, as well as helping your face look slimmer in the process.

Here’s Greta’s tips:

-        Firstly you need to find the right bronzer and the right colour for your skin tone

-        For bronzer to look natural it should be placed on the areas of the face where the sun/light would naturally hit

-        Apply along the cheek bones and sweep up over temples and along hair line across the forehead. Sweep a little over the bridge and tip of the nose and cheeks (just a very small amount). And a little on the chin. Apply bronzer sparingly, you can always build up the colour.

And finally, if you’re looking for an update to your makeup look for summer, Greta offers her top 6 trends for the season:

-        Full natural looking brows

-        Bold lips – a pop of colour in fuchsia, orange, red, coral and plum

-        Brightly coloured nails – go bright and be daring or team it with your outfit in some way. There are so many colours to choose from!

-        Eyes – try out bold coloured and white eyeliners or shadows in illuminating golden pink/peach hues,  aquas, golds, silvers and whites

-        Eyes – softly smudged smokey eyes using a mixture of black, brown and taupe shades for a smouldering look

-        Natural bronzed and illuminated skin – contour with a bronzer and illuminate the cheek bones for a healthy glow. Best products- Guerlain terracotta bronzing powder/ Estee Lauder bronze goddess soft shimmer bronze/St. Tropez self-tanners/ MAC Mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle.