You know what, I’m quite passionate about what I do as a personal stylist and get great pleasure out of making people feel good just by changing what they wear. To me it’s about using my god-given (and well-researched) ability to size someone up pretty quickly and be able to dress them in something that fits and flatters.

Part of the satisfaction I get from my work as a stylist is that it’s just a great way to spread a little kindness.

So I thought today I’d also share three easy ways you can change the world and make people feel good … ok maybe not the world but it’s a start … with fashion – and it’s not about sustainability or local production, although those fashion issues are close to my heart as well and will be discussed at a later date. The following ideas are far simpler than that.

ONE – Donate your wardrobe cloggers to charity.
This is an easy one. Whatever those things are that are clogging up your wardrobe, those things you never wear, and never will (be honest) again, get rid of them! Bag up those too-small jeans, those tops you never wear but hang there lifelessly among the things you do so you can’t even really see what you have and still like, all those scarves you keep buying but never, ever wear, and ship them off to your local Salvation Army or Lifeline depot and let them find their way into the hands of someone who needs them more.

TWO – eBay for extra cash.
Well I didn’t say changing the world didn’t include doing a little something for yourself. Selling your more valuable unwanted items on eBay, or Gumtree or wherever takes your fancy, can bring in some handy extra cash in the lead up to Christmas or to go towards something you’ve had your eye on for a while. The eBay mobile App is super fast and easy to use, so there’s no excuse to let that bag you know you’ve been meaning to get to not be dealt with any more.

THREE – Pay a stranger a compliment on their appearance.
This one’s a good one. I know how much it lifts my spirits if someone takes the time to comment on something I’m wearing or how I look and I love doing it for other women as well. As long as your comment is genuine I can guarantee it’ll be well received, and it’ll make you feel better for making someone else’s day a little brighter too.

Be kind, be generous and change the world one positive gesture at a time.