So now it’s clear: Matthew Elliot can’t coach, writes Greg Cary.

Greg Cary

Greg Cary

Sports writer

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That would seem to be the verdict of the NZ Warriors board, given that they sacked Matthew just 5 weeks into this year’s competition.

I don’t know if Elliot is a good coach or not, but I do know that his ability hasn’t changed in the last month. If he was the man for the job at the start of the season, what leap in logic now says he isn’t? The Chairman said the team hadn’t been reaching targets that were agreed upon, which in itself raises some important questions.

What kind of management sets criteria that would judge a coach after five rounds?  How do you determine whether the failure to meet those goals is the fault of the coach, or maybe has something to do with the inept performance of the team?

Six weeks back it was obvious to anyone that Mick Potter couldn’t coach and that it was only a matter of time before The Tigers’ board would come to their senses and find a replacement.

Whoops. After 6 rounds Mick’s team are playing some of the best football in the competition. They are a slick, tough, professional outfit and have demolished several of the leading contenders.

It now becomes clear that Trent Robinson from The Roosters can’t coach, given his team’s sloppiness, poor discipline and inconsistency – despite so many elite players. How then do you explain their premiership victory last year?

And what to make of Paul Green and The Cowboys? Paul has demonstrated he is a good coach but his team too often resembles a rabble.

Green, of course, took over from the sacked Neil Henry, who headed to The Titans where he assists John Cartwright. They lead the competition.

For some time it has appeared that some key players in The Cowboys wield way too much influence, to the detriment of the team and themselves.

The same applies with The Warriors.

That well known Rugby League fan, Albert Einstein, once observed that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. With The Cowboys and The Warriors, it might be time to stop letting the inmates run the asylum