Respected broadcaster, writer and sports insider, Greg Cary, joins the bmag team for 2014! His first column discusses talent and confidence.

Greg Cary

Greg Cary

Sports writer

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With one second remaining, and his team needing three points, basketball legend Michael Jordan always wanted the ball.

It was what the thousands of hours of training and practice had been about. That moment. To have the confidence – the knowledge – that you could make the shot and in most cases, he did.

It’s always hard to quantify the equation between talent and confidence but it’s safe to say that nobody reaches the top of anything without a fair degree of both.  Without talent you might as well stay home. Likewise, with confidence.

When Mick Fanning took off on that final wave at the Pipeline in Hawaii, there was no thought of failure. There only existed an instinctive understanding of what had to be done to master the wave and, in so doing , become world number one – again. A champion athlete who embraced the ultimate pressure….and triumphed.

It was his three-point moment – Jordan would’ve been proud.

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