Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth Best is a journalist and beauty expert with more than a decade of experience at some of Australia’s most successful publications. She likes long romantic walks along the makeup aisle, and fully expects for her love of travel and food to send her broke one day. You can follow her never-ending obsession with food and makeup obsession on Instagram @thebeautypalate

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the nail polish collection of our dreams

OPI really know how to nail a holiday collection. The glamour. The style. The Audrey. Breakfast at Tiffany's is quite simply timeless and now you can wear it on your fingernails. That’s right, OPI, th…


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Why you need to start double cleansing right now

Washing your face once and then moving on to toning? Beauty expert Elizabeth Best thinks you’re missing an important step. You know how your bottle of cleanser says “lather, rinse, repeat”?…

Double cleansing

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How to choose the best eyebrow products

We spoke with Brisbane brow queen Monique Devaney from Amy Jean Eye Couture to ensure your brow game is ever-strong. Did you know that 2016 is the year of the brow? OK, I might have made that up,…


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The facial treatment that’s made for you, literally

Luminous skin and your personal skin concerns fixed? The Dermalogica IonActive facial makes big promises… So what is it? Facials are getting pretty specific these days. The new skin treatments o…


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The best beauty products on a budget

Strapped for cash but still need your beauty fix? We’ve got you covered. If there's one thing that can bring me out of a midweek mood slump, it's new beauty products. Unfortunately, the middle o…


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Do you know when your makeup expires?

Here’s when you need to bin your favourite products. Hands up, those who faithfully throw out their makeup and skincare products when they expire. Now hands up, those who just chuck beauty…

Old makeup

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Six tips to beat frizzy hair this spring

Don’t let your hair become a bird’s nest by summer. It's well into spring now! Time to throw off the last vestiges of winter, put your thick coats into storage, and deal with the hot…

Frizzy hair

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Spring clean your skin care routine

Yes, your skin needs a seasonal overhaul just as much as your wardrobe. Winter can really do a number on your delicate skin. The weather can make it dry and flaky, then you overcompensate with…