During the week on my radio show, we had some fun describing ourselves as used cars.

Emily Jade

Emily Jade

High heels and high chairs

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I tell you what, sometimes I feel like a used car. But what kind? If I was selling my used car body……..no jokes please…..here is how my advertisment would read.

Used Car Sales.

One time people mover for sale.

This beige coloured suburban hatchback has only had two owners.The first stripped it of everything, but with a bit of hard work it is now a complete body of work. The second owner enjoyed the re-build which included air-bags and a fender re-alignment.

Some hail damage in the back end, but it has a roomy boot and spare tire.

It’s done 37 years of safe passage through many parts of the world, but is only driven hard once or twice a week….more if it’s owner is lucky/romantic/washes the dishes, or attempting to turn it into a two time people mover.

As an added bonus comes with a complete set of Michael Buble CD’s

In order to trade up, the new owner must be a billionaire O.N.O  (kidding……sort of)

Cheeky….but true…..what would your description look like.