On a saturday morning, before the house wakes up, I take advantage of the quiet time and surf around the internet and found the true spirit of Christmas?

Emily Jade

Emily Jade

High heels and high chairs

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Is this the true Spirit of Christmas?

Like an old fashioned choose your own adventure novel I travel through the wide open spaces of the world wide web and find myself slipping down the different portholes of peoples lives and imaginations.Christmas however has given this time an entirely different feel and this morning as I clicked on this video and that, each and every one had me crying both tears of sadness, joy and camaraderie as the world expresses what Christmas means to them.

Let me start with this one born from the Sandy Hook tragedy, and in the light of the new school shooting this morning, this couldn’t be more poignant.


Hard to watch without your heart tearing in two. But what an amazing family to find the good in the evil. After this mornings news of another school shooting in the States I can’t help but think Barack Obama’s legacy to the country should be both a revolutionised health care system, and gun reform.

The next rabbit hole I fell down was entirely commercial, but glorious.


Is it bad that the first thing I thought about after watching this was that the guy who asked for socks and jocks would have been totally wishing he asked for a trip around the world, or a car!!

C’est la vie.

Then Beyonce made me cry. Millie and Queen B’s daughter are the same age, and watching the love she has for her little Blue Ivy made me realise that Beyonce and I have something else in common other than a size 12 booty! The only difference is, she makes hers shake on cue, mine just shakes on it’s own accord.


Happy Saturday friends.

Em xx