Safe Spot Stickers – an innovation in keeping kids safe from local mother of 4, Niki Burton

Emily Jade

Emily Jade

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TIt’s rare that someone believes so fiercely in an idea that they are willing to bet the house on it.  Local mother of 4, Niki Burton did just that when an epiphany moment hit her and she had an idea that she knew would ‘just work!’ The early childhood educator and author of children’s books came up with a simple and brilliant idea to keep kids safe while unloading them from cars in busy car parks and on the sides of dangerous roads. Safe Spot Stickers was inspired by her busy family and after trialling it with them and confident that they worked she emptied her bank account and boom….another pare-ventor was born.

This is her story.

For years, as the busy Mum of 4 amazing children; I was the stressed parent in the car park trying to keep the kids safe; with one leg around my toddler, a hand on the shoulder of my 6 year old, the shopping trolley balanced precariously between the edge of the car boot and hip while my free hand fumbled for the car keys. Eyes on my children I’d call out “Touch the car! Stay here, wait for me, don’t cross yet …”

Often, the kids would touch the car – but they’d keep moving (still touching) till they were at the other end of the vehicle or right behind our car – all too close to traffic. The experience of taking the children out was stressful and I often preferred not to take them out unless necessary. I always felt like there had to be an easier way. ..

I knew that I had to create a safe spot; which acted as a tactile, (touch) visual (see) exact spot on the outside of my car, so that the kids remained safe, stationary, in sight, away from traffic, away from the road and the rear of my vehicle. I needed something simple and effective that my children could easily can see, reach and touch. Something they would enjoy using. An exact spot for them to touch, stay and wait every time they got in and out of the car. I needed something which kept the kids safe, but also reduced the stress of taking them out in the car. I wanted to enjoy traveling with the children, not avoid taking them out.

I also wanted to avoid having to worry so much about driveway safety at home. I wanted to provide my children with a resource they could use at home, which gave them a safe place to stand when saying hello to visitors and goodbye to anyone leaving our home. I never wanted to have to experience injury or death anywhere – let alone in our own driveway!

Not only did Safe Spot Stickers make traveling with the kids so much easier, safer and less stressful; it also improved their vehicle and road safety awareness and practices and it helped our kids to stay safe at home too!

Like many families, we have kiddy lock on our rear car doors. Prior to applying Safe Spot the children would often clamber to the front of the vehicle to get out; pushing past people, belongings and seats (especially when they were excited) this of course was – dangerous and once again stressful. Since implementing Safe Spot Sticker, the children now know they have to get out the Safe Spot door, so they are genuinely calmer and wait for someone to open the safe door for them. No more clambering, pushing and climbing to get out!

The kids love using the sticker and if I forget to say “Touch the Safe Spot” when they approach or get out of the car, they will often remind me of what they need to do. If they race out the front door to see who’s come to visit them, I know they will be standing at our Driveway Safe Spot and not under the car’s wheels.

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