With Kevin Rudd’s seat of Griffith (which happens to be my electorate) heading to a by-election as early as February I think I may have an answer to easily solve the problem and in the mean time save the Government a whole bunch of cash with finding his predecessor.

Emily Jade

Emily Jade

High heels and high chairs

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There was a flurry of interest on Thursday over claims from Labor insiders that Mr Rudd’s 30-year-old daughter Jessica Rudd who campaigned with him with such class and dignity during the election would follow in his footsteps. She kindly let us know on twitter that she won’t be stepping up to the plate.

“I’m flattered to be considered a potential candidate but I spent the morning writing with Josie on our Beijing play-mat surrounded by Duplo.”

Shame really. Not only is she as smart as a whip, has the electorates best interests at heart because she has a fierce love of the area and would do a bloody good job. I don’t blame her having just experienced the worst of the worst of politics. I’d rather play with Duplo with my daughter as well.

So with that in mind and with my experience in the world of pageants (you are reading the words of Miss Launceston Cup 1997) By golly I think I have the answer.

I reckon we should adopt the rules of Miss Universe, whereby they have a contingency plan should something happen to the front runner. Yes, in each electorate there should be a first runner up a second runner up and so forth.

Take Vanessa Williams for example, when she was Miss America her title was stripped from her because of some nude photos Penthouse uncovered and then printed. The first runner up took on the title and got about going to the shops with a glittering crown on her head and everyone else got on with it too. Especially Vanessa Williams who went on to become the most successful Miss America winner of all time in the field of entertainment, garnering Grammy, Emmy and Tony Nominations and she was a tops Desperate Housewife.  Success is the best revenge isn’t it.

I’m sure that piece of information will encourage K-Rudd in his new pursuits….but I sure am glad there are no nude photos of him floating around.

So with that idea, we should be crowning the candidate from the last election who had the most votes behind Kevin Rudd. Of course the Labour party won’t be too fond of my clearly brilliant idea because it was the Liberal party’s Bill Glasson. But boy, I’d do anything not to have to head to the polling booths so soon again.

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