If cuddling was an Olympic sport, my daughter Millie Valentine, would be standing on that podium singing her heart out to the Australian national anthem.

Emily Jade

Emily Jade

High heels and high chairs

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Millie Valentine – Her favorite activities right now are collecting dead, I mean sleeping beetles, watching Annie over and over and PLEASE GOD LET IT BE OVER, sticking stickers all over herself and the house/dog/pot plant/father and more adorably…..cuddling people.

All of the above activities are to the point of obsession, but none more so than cuddling.

Along with Millie, I’d like to introduce you to young Albie. Poor young Albie can’t take two steps without Millie attaching herself to him like a barnacle to a boat bottom, and the little trouper, although perplexed, allows her to express her undying love freely and without rejection. What a gentleman.

Me thinks he may be her first real, stalker like true love. Her actions border on fatal attraction and I filmed my little bunny boiler last week just to prove my point. It won’t be long until she’s sitting outside the front of his house in her car, some tragic 2028 love song will be blaring loudly as she weeps with a broken heart while she teleports her image to his mobile phone saying WHY ALBIE WHY.

Don’t worry my MIllie, mummy will be there for you because The sun’ll come out tomorrow…………..