I never thought I would say this, but Tori Spelling, I salute you.

Emily Jade

Emily Jade

High heels and high chairs

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I know, that’s a very strange comment, but I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart because she’s told the truth about something that is close to my heart and I salute her.

In her new book, Spelling It Like It Is, the reality star says her publicist told her not to be truthful about her strict dieting regime after the birth of her fourth child Finn Davey in August 2012.

Of course, like a lot of celebrities, she was offered big bucks to pose not long after the birth of her baby in her bikini. Because that is how all us new mothers roll a few months after giving birth. Strutting around in heels and a bikini with a baby on our hip. I did, didn’t you? In fact I was so happy with my post-baby body that I went to the shops in my togs, and to the movies and park……all day every day I just got around in my bikini. My leaky boobs and stretch marks needed the vitamin D you see.

Ok, so obviously I didn’t because MOST MOTHERS DON’T. But Magazineland doesn’t know that, or do they? They do of course, they just don’t care because a leaky boobed, floppy tummied, stretched marked mummy isn’t glamorous, although truthful, and still very very wondrous.

So what did Tory Spelling tell Us Weekly in April?  That she shed the kilos “safely” which she didn’t, the truth was she just starved herself. I actually feel terribly sorry that she had to do that to herself for the sake of the big dangly pay day carrot.

“For several months, I couldn’t really exercise,” she said. “There were a couple of reasons. First, there was some risk that my (surgery) scar would open up again. I was terrified of that. Second, I really don’t exercise much, period. So I took my weight off the old-fashioned way. I like to call it the ‘Just Keep Your F***ing Mouth Shut and Eat Air diet’. It’s all the rage.”

Bravo, finally someone from LALA land telling it like it is. Her book is aptly named. But her confession had alarm bells ringing in my ear. On one hand I’m so thankful someone is telling the truth, on the other hand I would hate any new mum to think that her ‘in jest’ diet is the way to go. It isn’t, common sense tells you that, but when you are sleep deprived, mourning your old body and dizzy from the new responsibilities common sense can fly out the window. I would hate any new mum to think that eating nothing is what it takes.

Please new mums: EAT. Just eat and be merry. Enjoy your baby and don’t worry about your body. You have other more important things to worry about now. Nature will take care of it anyway. For some straight away, for others because of breast feeding, others after breast feeding (like me), and then there are those who joke that they are still carrying the baby weight and their kid is leaving school. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you love your body for the miracle it created, because that’s what it did, it created life, so go and enjoy that new little life. That’s what I intend to do next time, but that’s the beauty of hindsight isn’t it? Now I know better and if I’m lucky enough to have another child I’m sure as hell going to take heed of Tori Spelling’s life lesson….even though it just hurt me to write that.

Em x