On any given weekday, sometime after school drop-off, if you take a tour of this city’s parks and gyms you will notice the new wave of exercisers. They wear the normal work-out gear and use the normal work-out equipment, but one attachment is different.

Emily Jade

Emily Jade

High heels and high chairs

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It’s a home-made attachment, one that took 9 months of planning and when finally finished was absolute perfection and if used correctly can not only help you tone and firm but may giggle and goo at you while you do it. Yes, I am talking about the household baby, and new Mum’s everywhere are using their own to get their pre-baby body back.

It’s payback really isn’t it, that the thing that took it’s liberties with our once trim waistline will re-pay the favour by helping to get it back to it’s former glory. But “baby weights” are exactly what savvy personal trainers and those in the fitness industry are using to lure women back to fitness, catering for those who once found it difficult to find the time to work-out with the new no-sleep schedule and zero me-time hours.

Bliss Active is one such company who has new mum’s back, and butt and thighs and abs when it comes to getting fit again post-baby. Founded by self-professed fitness junkie Natalie who quite rightly says “When you’ve just had a baby and you go to classes at the gym, you feel guilty about leaving them. Either mum works out or baby works out, but generally never both at the same time.” So Natalie designed workouts for mums and babies with the most popular Bliss Active class being Bubby Pilates a session that strengthens and tones the mums while moving and stimulating their babies at the same time. “It’s also a wonderful bonding experience that encourages baby’s brain development and participants can continue with it at home,” Natalie says. “We also include a dedicated section for baby including movements to rhymes and some parachute play.” You can visit www.blissactive.com.au for session times.

But Bliss Active are just the tip of the iceberg for new Mum fitness. A quick search in Google and you will find Baby Boot camps are everywhere at times to suit every sleep pattern. But perhaps the most important part of this new style of training is the social aspect. All mum’s can attest to the sometimes overwhelming feelings of loneliness when you are stuck at home with a new-born, add to that the mourning of our old life and body and for some it can be a real recipe for disaster. I can tell you from personal experience, the baby boot camps, the Mummy and Me Yoga/Pilates/Ballet/Interpretive dance classes are places filled with laughter, acceptance and much needed support.  Strap your baby to your body and get squatting……you will both love it.

Bliss Active have kindly offered a free trial for 5 readers valued  at $20 each, just leave a comment in the comments box below and the first five will win.

Em x