It would be handy wouldn’t it, to be a food technologist. The kind that when his fussy kids wouldn’t eat anything resembling a vegetable you could just duck off to your food laboratory and whip up something for dinner that they would eat which was secretly filled with the stuff they wouldn’t.

Emily Jade

Emily Jade

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Brisbane Dad Darren Walsh did just that and re-invented one of my all time favourite foods for dinner. The humble sausage.  I’m a big fan of the household sausage (minds out of the gutters please) I’ve even been known to drive to Bunnings and pretend to look at paint colours just so I’d have an excuse to buy a sausage in bread out the front.

Well God bless Darren Walsh. Because of his fussy kids (and Wife) he invented the worlds first nutritious vegetable and meat sausage which contains 13 vitamins and minerals. You can eat his nutrient rich sausages guilt free. But this isn’t about me, an adult who loves salad as well, this is for all the Mum’s and Dad’s tearing their hair out over fussy kids who won’t let anything green pass their lips.

The Managing Director of Darren Walsh said  “It was a lengthy process; we spent months researching the nutritional requirements of children and based on that we determined which vegetables to use and how much to add in order to improve the nutritional standard of the meals that these fussy children were eating. It’s not just as simple as grabbing a bunch of vegetables and throwing them into a sausage mincer. We had to strike the perfect balance between nutritional content, presentation and of course flavour,” he said.

The finished product is a small 60 gram beef and pork sausage (average sausages are 80 -100 grams) with sweet potato, corn and green peas which retails for $4.50 for a 360g pack (6 pieces). Here is the best bit, my little white food lover, Millie Valentine, loves them. I placed one, chopped into little pieces, next to her white noodles on her plate last night and she tentatively popped one in her mouth, played with it for a while and then said “Yummy” and ate more. Her father and I practically high five’d and cried with happiness at the same time.

But my fussy eater is not the only little human loving the sausages, they were given to customers to trial and the results speak for themselves:

1.   83 per cent of parent’s involved in the trial said that their children were fussy eaters.

2.   All parents surveyed said that they liked the idea of a nutritionally balanced sausage.

3.   66 per cent of kids said they liked the sausages more than regular sausages, the remaining 34 per cent of kids couldn’t’ tell the difference between these and regular sausages

4.   100 per cent of children who sampled the nutrient sausages loved the taste

“We knew we were onto something following the trial, the parents we surveyed loved the idea of being able to give their kids something they’d enjoy eating while at the same time knowing that they are getting a serve of vegetables too. It’s the only product like it on the market. We’re confident that our new high-nutrient sausage is going to change the vibe at dinner-times around Queensland”.

So, where do you get these squishy fingers of goodness? Easy, on-line, you don’t even have to leave the house. I’m the happiest mummy on the planet right now. Grab them from and Bon Appetit.

Em x