Tomorrow marks an important day in Royal History, but does it have relevance to us?

Emily Jade

Emily Jade

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With the Christening of the world’s most popular baby tomorrow (Prince George for those who perhaps thought I was talking about North West Kardashian) the talk in my office today was of the relevance of Christenings. The general consensus for most was that it is a tradition simply followed to please the older generation, or as a guarantee for a position to good private school. Oddly I realised that while I myself was not christened my daughter was.

I married a Catholic you see and christening Millie Valentine was very important to his family. While I don’t necessarily believe in christening children, I understood the importance to the family I married into. So I happily dressed her in the family gown, which was made in the 18h century and had been worn by 6 generations, stood respectfully at the church, and then threw a great big party. What I didn’t expect at the time was the emotions I would feel as the Priest sprinkled her with water while praying for the Lord to keep her.

As a parent, so proud of making, baking and shaking this little human miracle out of my body and just desperate for her to live a safe and successful life, the prayers and hopes of the priest had me choking back big fat gulpy tears. When her little head was bathed in holy water and rubbed with oil as her Godparents and dear life long friends held her I think I did indeed have a spiritual moment. I can’t really explain it, but a deep thankfulness filled me and a gentle peace flowed all around. It could have been God, or it could have just been a chapel full of love. What ever it was I’m so glad I did it, and I’ll do it again if given the chance. Not just to please the family, or for her future schooling options, although both are important to me, but because for me now it signifies a small moment in time to stop and give reverence to the miracle of human life.  Plus the party afterwards was pretty awesome.

What do you think of Christenings? Relevant or outdated?