Queensland will become the lead economy in Australia in 2015.

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier of Queensland

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Our state, Queensland, is a great place to live and work, with a bright future. With more uncertainty facing the rest of Australia and the world, we need to make sure Queensland stays on track to secure that bright future.

Through strong economic management we are seeing real progress in health and education, more jobs in a stronger economy, better roads and less crime.

The job is not done, but together we will get there—if we stay on track.

We will keep working hard to deliver our long term economic plan. We’ll keep growing a four-pillar economy focusing on agriculture, construction, resources, and tourism to deliver more jobs and better services.

And now that we’ve set the right financial foundations, we’re able to truly afford better schools and hospitals, improved roads and more police.

But we need to keep a strong team with a strong plan in uncertain times.

We are creating more jobs in a stronger economy. Since our government has been in office, 1100 jobs have been created each month and Queensland will become the lead economy in Australia in 2015.

Over the next six years, more than 200,000 additional jobs will be created in Queensland.

There is also less crime in Queensland now than in 2012—reported crime is down 11 per cent. Our communities are safer with well over 800 additional police officers on the beat and tougher sentencing for criminal gangs.

I’m proud to have a strong plan for Queenslanders.