Queensland is a world leader in mining, agriculture and medical research — let’s be in education as well, writes Premier Campbell Newman.

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier of Queensland

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In just under two months we will be holding Queensland’s first Education Accord summit, which will see teachers, parents and principals come together to build a 30 year vision for education.

This historic event will ensure we have a world-class free education system here in Queensland well into the future.

For too long, we have seen on both sides of politics, the locking of horns that has prevented parents and teachers, unions, the education department and government from being brought together properly to make our child’s education the best that it can be for them.

Now we have this great opportunity to share our ideas, to work together to map out a strong plan for the future of Queensland, and to help our kids learn better.

At the end of the day, education means jobs of the future.

It’s about putting strong planning, strong curriculum and strong support into practise, and we have a strong base to work from.

For example, Queensland is already recognised as a world leader in mining, agriculture and engineering as well as in medical research.

Just last week I met with Professor Sean Grimmond from the University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience, who along with his team, has discovered how pancreatic cancer is formed and how we can better treat people who have this awful disease.

This ground breaking research is happening right here in Queensland. We also know mines across the world are operating based on skills and technology that have come out of Queensland schools and universities.

We want to see this continue, we want our kids in school, as well as students coming here to study at university, to know that they are in a state that is leading the way when it comes to practical, economy-building education and innovation.

We have already committed to delivering a $500 million Innovation Fund, as part of our strongest and smartest choices plan, to collaboratively develop ideas, to fund cutting edge research and to assist in turning those ideas and research into real businesses and real success stories.

With the right education system and the right support, Queensland students will be well placed in a globally competitive jobs market.

I look forward to September and building a strong plan for the future of our kids.