Queenslanders are contributing to the conversation and making a difference, writes Premier Campbell Newman.

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier of Queensland

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Judging of Underground Naming has commenced

Thanks to the hundreds of people who put their creative minds towards coming up with a name for the underground bus and train project.

This is a once in generation opportunity to unlock Brisbane’s public transport network, combining a railway and busway in a single, 15-metre-wide tunnel running from Dutton Park in the south to Victoria Park in the north.

Commuters can expect a time saving of up to 15 minutes removing hundreds of buses off Brisbane streets and allowing for extra capacity to meet the needs of our city for the next 50 years.

Entries will now be looked at by an independent panel and I look forward to the winning name becoming part of Queensland’s history in the coming weeks.

Tough penalties apply to out of control parties

Organisers of out-of-control ‘Facebook parties’ will now face hefty fines or jail time under new laws passed in Parliament last week.

Far too often we see party goers, innocent members of the public and police injured when events spiral into violence after being advertised, sometimes inadvertently, on social media websites.  Penalties for those who do the wrong thing include fines up to $12,100 or 12 months jail.

I urge all young people to be careful about advertising their parties on social media. You can lose control of who sees your party information and before you know it there could be hundreds of revellers on your doorstep.

Of course, penalties won’t apply to innocent people who have taken reasonable steps to ensure their party is peaceful.

Queenslanders have their say on alcohol and drug related violence

Looking ahead to next month, we will be announcing a comprehensive package of reforms to tackle alcohol and drug related violence head on.

I have said before, this is a whole community issue with far reaching consequences. Quite simply, the violence must stop, but we have to get the reforms right.

Since launching our online survey, more than 1,500 Brisbane residents have weighed in on this important issue. Most overwhelming is the 8,000 comments left on my Facebook page in just two months.

This feedback will give us a better understanding of what the people who will be most affected by changes to the law would prefer, and paint a clearer picture of what direction we should take.

From trading hours to tougher penalties, every option is on the table as we work towards making Queensland the safest State in the nation for people to go out and enjoy themselves.