South-east Queensland Dams now have more uses. Restricted fuel-powered boats will now be allowed at Wivenhoe Dam and there will be new access points for fishing and canoeing at Somerset Dam following the most extensive recreation review of south-east Queensland’s lakes and catchments ever undertaken.

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier of Queensland

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With summer here and hotter days ahead, the south-east Queensland dams could become the next place to escape and cool down.

They are some of our most beautiful locations and present so many options that haven’t previously been explored.

Key recreation changes for the south-east Queensland dams including Wivenhoe, Somerset and Atkinson Dams are:

  • The introduction of restricted fuel-powered boats at Wivenhoe. Vessels with low emission engines travelling at a maximum speed of six knots will be allowed this summer
  • New northern access points at Somerset Dam for fishing and canoeing
  • New walking trails around Wivenhoe Dam
  • New stop-off points for paddle craft around Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams
  • A new designated swimming area at Atkinson Dam.

Always be DAM smart when visiting lakes and recreation areas to ensure everyone has a fun, safe day.

Follow these simple guidelines to provide a safe environment for yourself, your loved ones and other visitors:

  • Always watch your children
  • Keep a safe distance from swimmers and paddle craft – boats should stay 30 metres away and jet skiers 60 metres away
  • Keep to speed limits on the water and the road
  • Only operate a boat/vessels if you are licensed and experienced
  • Only drive if your blood alcohol level is under 0.05 – on the road and on the water
  • Only camp in designated areas
  • Keep recreation areas tidy
  • Be courteous to other visitors, whether on the road, boat ramps or the lake

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