We want our schools to be the best possible learning environment for our kids and that’s why we are getting on with the job of clearing the $292million school maintenance backlog left behind by Labor.

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier of Queensland

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As part of our commitment to make inroads into the maintenance backlog, we have announced the second round of our $300million Advancing Our Schools Maintenance Fund program.

On November 8 2013, Premier Campbell Newman and Education and Training and Employment Minister, John-Paul Langbroek visited Mitchelton State School to announce the second round of funding allocations as part of the Advancing our Schools Maintenance (AoSM) initiative.

This initiative achieved excellent outcomes for schools in 2012-13. In 2013-14 the AoSM allocations are designed to ensure that this momentum continues.

The purpose is to provide additional funds to address school maintenance over the 2012-13 and 2013-14 financial years with the objective to reduce the pre-existing maintenance backlog in state schools.

The second round is particularly targeted at schools with the highest school maintenance backlogs, with some to receive in excess of $500,000.

Every single Queensland state school will benefit from the funding program to address school maintenance issues like peeling paint, ripped carpet and cracked footpaths.  We want to ensure our schools are safe and vibrant community hubs.

What are the expenditure guideline?

  • AoSM funds are expended on planned maintenance tasks derived from school Maintenance Assessment Reports (MAR), commencing with projects identified in 2011-12 reports.
  • School principals and their communities have the choice to continue to use Building and Asset Services (formerly known as QBuild) to deliver all maintenance services or source local contractors to deliver Planned and Routine Breakdown maintenance via a Direct to Market delivery option.
  • Direct to Market schools also receive a Routine Breakdown maintenance allocation funded from the annual maintenance budget.
  • Schools choosing Direct to Market delivery will be allocated funds directly to their bank account.
  • Direct to Market schools are required to report on maintenance expenditure funded by Advancing our Schools Maintenance through OneSchool.