Queensland’s tough new anti-bikie laws are focused on protecting our community from criminal motorcycle gangs by taking their members off the streets and shutting down their unlawful activities.

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier of Queensland

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Let’s be clear – people who ride motorcycles for pleasure and abide by the law are not being targeted by these new laws and have absolutely nothing to fear. These anti-bikie laws are solely aimed at protecting the community.

The same can’t be said for criminal motorcycle gangs, which have run amok in our communities with no regard for the law or the safety of innocent Queenslanders.

Police are now working tirelessly to disrupt, dismantle and eliminate criminal motorcycle gangs from Queensland through tough anti-bikie laws and other initiatives – but they need the community’s continuing support.

We want everyone to join us in our quest to make sure the criminals behind these gangs know there is nowhere to hide.

A public awareness campaign by the QPS and Crime Stoppers is now being rolled out, to let Queenslanders know about the tactics being used by the government including highlighting the anti-bikie laws and how our police aim to take the fight up to these thugs. Keep an eye out for further information.