Following a regional summit, all Queenslanders can have their say on the plan for the state’s future

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier of Queensland

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The Queensland Plan Mackay summit was a roaring success, with plenty of bright ideas coming forward about the questions we need to ask to get Queensland where we want it to be in 30 years time. You, too, can have your say on shaping the state’s future through the Queensland Plan website.

Six questions, collaboratively developed at the summit, are now online for all Queenslanders to answer. The questions reflect the broad view of the 400-plus delegates who attended the summit. The spirit on show in Mackay was one of teamwork and I sincerely thank all who attended for their passion and participation. The Queensland Plan website is only one way to give your feedback. You can also get involved by contacting your local MP or attending local community engagement events. The questions are:

  1. In the context of living in the community, how do we move our focus from me to we?
  2. How do we create and foster an education culture that teaches skills and values to meet global challenges and optimise regional strengths?
  3. How do we empower and educate individuals, communities and institutions to embrace responsibility for an active and healthy lifestyle?
  4. How do we structure our economy to ensure our children inherit a resilient future?
  5. How do we strengthen our economic future and achieve sustainable landscapes?
  6. How do we attract and retain the brightest minds and ideas where they are most needed and capitalise on global opportunities?

Bird flu test a first
Pathology Queensland lab technicians are the first in Australia to develop a test for the new bird flu, H7N9. The existing flu test has been modified to include specific detection of the H7N9 virus and it is believed there is no similar screening test incorporating the H7N9 strain in Australia. The fact this test has been developed right here in Queensland highlights the quality work of our microbiologists and lab technicians and I applaud their initiative in helping to protect our communities. The test will help us be prepared for a potential bird flu pandemic and it means we will be able to detect cases very quickly, start treatment quickly and limit the spread of the disease. This is groundbreaking stuff and something to be proud of.

Employment growing
Queensland now has a lower unemployment rate than Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria. The latest ABS Labour Force data shows trend employment in Queensland has grown for a seventh consecutive month. In seasonally adjusted terms, Queensland’s unemployment rate dropped 0.3 per cent to 5.6 per cent and my government remains committed to getting it down to 4 per cent over six years. We won’t lose sight of our goal and will keep working every day to ensure Queensland is a great state with great opportunity.

Wear maroon on Queensland Day
Queensland Day is just around the corner and I’d love to see workplaces celebrate the day by holding their own event on Thursday 6 June. Queensland Day is the day we mark our official separation from New South Wales and, to commemorate what makes us the best state, I want to see all Queenslanders wearing maroon with pride.

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