A range of grants has been put in place to assist residents needing support to recover from loss and hardship during the latest floods

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier Campbell Newman

Premier of Queensland

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We may have had a rough start to 2013 with flooding throughout the state, but the Queensland spirit has shone through what has been a pretty dark time for some. While the recent floods were not as extensive as those of 2011, they have still affected thousands of homes and businesses throughout South East Queensland. As the waters recede, we must remember that people will need ongoing support to help them recover from their loss and hardship.

We have a great team working to do everything possible to help in the days, weeks and months ahead and there is help out there for residents affected by the floods. Disaster relief arrangements are in place for residents of Brisbane and Ipswich City Council areas, including a range of grants.

Those grants include:

  • Personal Hardship Assistance Scheme grants of up to $180 per person to a maximum of $900 for a family of five or more, to cover immediate basic costs of essential items such as food, clothing and accommodation.
  • Essential Household Contents Grants may be available to low-income families to help replace or repair uninsured, essential household contents which have been lost, damaged or destroyed.
  • Structural Assistance Grants of up to $14,685 for owners of houses that have sustained structural damage and who are not insured.
  • Essential Services Safety Reconnection Grants to help people who are uninsured, or unable to claim insurance, to reconnect essential services damaged in the floods. There are two parts to this grant: Inspection – up to $200 towards a safety inspection for each essential service needing reconnection (electricity, gas, water and sewerage or septic system), and Repair – up to $4200 towards repair work to enable essential services to be reconnected (for example, electrical rewiring).

We should also spare a thought for those in regional areas such as Bundaberg, Gympie, Laidley, Mundubbera, Rockhampton and other centres which have been hit hard. I travelled to several of these communities as the flood disaster unfolded and have seen first-hand the mess left behind. Government ministers have also been working tirelessly to support families, businesses and communities throughout the state. We all know it will take some time to rebuild, but rebuild we will.

Finally, a word on our emergency service personnel, council workers, members of the SES and other volunteers who have worked so tirelessly to protect Queenslanders in need. They have saved many lives and, in many cases, put themselves in harm’s way. On behalf of the state, I send heartfelt thanks for their dedication and bravery.