Instead of using basil, try using parsley to make a non-traditional pesto.

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This is one of my favourite recipes, developed by my aunt and a Dutch friend who both live down near Mullumbimby in Northern NSW. My aunt has a fabulous garden with all sorts of tropical and exotic fruit trees, vegetables and an abundance of parsley.

One year she had an excess of macadamia nuts and parsley, and that is precisely how this recipe came about. I’ve made this recipe too many times to count and normally add the ingredients to taste as I go. Here’s a good guide to start with, but feel free to add and adjust as you go along.

A seriously lovely addition to pesto is a few fresh, green apples. Don’t be too skeptical until you’ve tried it! It is so fresh and makes the perfect accompaniment to pork and chicken dishes (I served it recently with a roast pork belly, it was delicious).


50g macadamia nuts

1 x bunch parsley, stalks removed

50g parmesan, grated

3 tbs olive oil

Salt & pepper to taste

*2 x green apples, peeled, cored and cut into small pieces



Place macadamia nuts, parsley, parmesan and olive oil into a food processor. Taste, and add salt and pepper as desired.

*For the apple version, repeat as above, then remove the pesto from the food processor. Throw the apples into the food processor and process until light and fluffy – this should only take a minute or so. Place the apple in a bowl and stir the pesto through. Take half a lemon and give a good squeeze into the mixture, stir and taste. It should have a bit of a tart flavour, and this will stop the apple from browning.