New Farm’s Francie Mays serves up a great selection of Asian-inspired dude food

Alice Lindley

Alice Lindley

Passionate foodie

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New Farm’s newest kid on the block, Francie Mays, have opened their doors, offering a punchy menu of Asian-inspired dude food – from sticky ribs, to pork sliders and possibly the greatest fried calamari I’ve tasted.

Francie Mays borrows its name from co-owner Hayley Weschel’s grandmother, ‘a grandmother, mother, wife, best fried – a cook and a glorious host’.

Salty, sweet, finger-licking food can be washed down with a selection of Asain and local brews, as well as a range of packaged cocktails. There’s a selection of wine included Francie Mays’ own house sauvignon blanc and shiraz.

Large windows open up onto Brunswick Street, making for relaxed dining and good people watching. Head downstairs and pull up a booth for a more intimate setting.