Imagine planning a beautiful brunch or shopping session with your mum, only to have the day filled with frustration because you can’t find a park! Breathe a sigh of relief because you can avoid this, simply by booking your car park space online with Secure Parking.

Mother’s Day is meant to be filled with love and laughter, not tears of frustration and annoyance as you circle the car park, frantically looking for a free space to park your car.

Instead of happily meeting your mother, you are running late and feeling frazzled. So why not seek an alternative before this happens and confirm your car park beforehand?

Secure Parking is affordable, has multiple locations in the CBD, South Bank and Fortitude Valley and if you book online, you can guarantee a spot.

Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Even though this may require a little more planning, the kickbacks are huge. You can save up to 40 per cent when you book online and once your booking is confirmed, you know you have a car park ready and waiting for you.

Heading into the city for shopping with your mother or booked a delicious breakfast, brunch or lunch in celebration of the day? There are 20 different Secure Parking car parks that you can choose from, simply pick the one that’s in the most convenient location.

If you’ve made plans for later in the day or at night, the parking is even cheaper. If you park after 2pm, the cost is $10.00 and weekend and evening parking starts from $5.00.

And don’t forget, you can take advantage of this in the lead up to Mother’s Day as well. So if you’re heading in this week to shop or grab a gift for your mum, book online and you’ll enjoy the same fabulous savings.

Ready to book your spot? Then head to to book online at Secure-a-Spot.

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