If you’ve ever cried over breaking a nail or the barista forgetting to put caramel in your latte, then this is the show for you!

Brisbane cabaret artists Judy Hainsworth and Kaitlin Oliver Palmer are giving the saying ‘first world problems’ a whole new meaning.

The duo have created a selection of original comic songs detailing the struggle of #FirstWorldWhiteGirls. From disastrous spray tans to being ignored on Instagram, this show has it all.

Judy invites the audience to vent and share their first world problems in a night of laughs.

“Look, just because you have food, water, shelter and a Mimco handbag, doesn’t mean that you don’t have problems,” says Judy. “#FirstWorldWhiteGirls explores life’s real challenges, like forgetting your computer passwords, being time-poor, having over-supportive parents and always feeling like the smartest person in the room. It’s exhausting”.

Tickets are selling fast but there are still seats available for the 9pm show on Wednesday 23 July.

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