The Brisbane Powerhouse brings Sex with Strangers to its stage this July.

A tale of two love birds is one we’ve all heard before (yawn), but this new age take will have you thinking about romance in a different way.

Sex with Strangers is the newest production coming to the Brisbane Powerhouse, playing out a complicated relationship between two semi-famous writers, contemplating the difficulties of dating in the public arena.

Actors Thomas Larkin and Veronica Neave, who worked together in the 2012 Queensland Theatre Company production of Romeo and Juliet, will come together again, directed by multi-award winning Jennifer Flowers .

The drama that plays out between the two main characters will have you on the edge of your seat ’til the end — there are no predictable love story endings in this production.

Sex with Strangers will be showing at the Powerhouse from 17 to 26 July.

The show will also be one of the hottest tickets in New York, with the opening of an off-Broadway season directed by David Schwimmer from Friends, and starring Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad.

For more information on the Brisbane production, visit or call 3358 8600.