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Heavy traffic

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Brisbane peak hour traffic on the improve

If it feels like your morning commute is a crawl, here’s some interesting news — peak hour traffic is actually…


Motoring News & Reviews

Brisbane driver catches legal trouble with Pokémon Go

Well, this was inevitable, wasn’t it? A Brisbane learner driver has allegedly been caught driving drunk in West En…


Motoring News & Reviews

Some mad genius built an X-Wing car

Stay on target. Stay on target. If you've ever wanted to fly an X-Wing, this is the next best thing. The Star Wars-craze…

Car crash

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Pokémon Go player catches a tree with his car

It was only a matter of time. Pokémon Go has caused its first car crash. Actually, let's be clear about this — Pokémon G…

Chris Evans

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Chris Evans has left Top Gear already

Chris Evans’ stint as the new host of Top Gear is over after just one season. Evans and former Friends star Matt…

Traffic jam

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Queensland’s worst commutes revealed

New research has revealed which residents are doing it toughest when it comes to their daily commute. RACQ…

Toyota’s new concept car delivers a wooden performance

Motoring News & Reviews

Toyota’s new concept car delivers a wooden performance

Toyota’s newest concept car, revealed at Milan Design Week earlier this month, is a little wooden. The new…

Amphibious car

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Be like Bond in this underwater car

Remember James Bond’s amphibious Lotus Esprit S1 in The Spy Who Loved Me? Now you can have an underwater car of…

Lamborghini Huracan LP580

Motoring News & Reviews

At last, the “affordable” Lamborghini is coming

Here’s great news if that luscious Lamborghini Huracán you’ve longed for is just a tiny bit outside your budget:…